Bill Conti Biography (1942-)

Full name, William Conti; born April 13, 1942, in Providence, RI; son of William and Lucetta Conti; married Shelby Cox (a dancer); children: Rachela, Nicola Shelby. Addresses: Manager: Blue Focus Management, 1523 Ventura Blvd., Suite 2A, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403.; Contact: 117 Fremont Place, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Composer, conductor, musician, director
Birth Details
April 13, 1942
Providence, Rhode Island, United States

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Hay Allen
Did Conti work in London in the mid1960s? I
ask because I wonder if he played baseball with other expats in Hyde Park in the summers of1964-1965. There was a guy, and I think it was he, who was in London working on aBBC tv project. Just wondering if it were he.

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