Jerry H. Tokofsky Biography (1936-)

Full name, Jerry Herbert Tokofsky; born April 14, 1936, in New York, NY; sonof Julius H. and Rose (Trager) Tokofsky; married Myrna Weinstein, February 21, 1956 (divorced); married Fiammetta Bettuzzi, 1970 (divorced); married KarenOliver, October 4, 1981; children: (first marriage) David, Peter; (second marriage) Tatianna.

Birth Details
April 14, 1936
New York, New York, United States

Famous Works

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Jul 25, 2015 @ 4:16 pm
Jerry :
I am a friend of the late Paul Wurtzel (who you may have been acquainted with in film and television) the purpose of the email is actually to reach karen Oliver as I would value her opinion on a piece i picked up in an estate : a water color portrait of Coco Chanel dated 1932 by Jean Cocteau it is stamped "possession de Coco Chanel 31 rue rabon paris the back has a hand written note in pencil " ne touche pas" gabrielle I would be happy to forward some photos but will need an email address

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