Greg Evigan Biography (1953-)

Full name, Gregory Ralph Evigan; born October 14, 1953, in South Amboy, NJ; son of Ralph Milan (a singer) and Barbara Elizabeth (a pianist) Evigan; married Pamela C. Serpe (a dancer), June 3, 1979; children: Briana (an actress), Jason (a musician), Vanessa Lee (an actress). Addresses: Manager: DanielSpilo, Evolution Entertainment, 7720 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90046.

Actor, musician
Birth Details
October 14, 1953
South Amboy, New Jersey, United States

Famous Works

  • Television Appearances
  • Series
  • All That Glitters, syndicated, 1977
  • Greg, A Year at the Top, CBS, 1977
  • Billy Joe "B. J." McKay, B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979-1981
  • Danny Doyle, Masquerade, ABC, 1983-1984
  • Joey Harris, My Two Dads, NBC, 1987-1990
  • Cody Powell/Joey Paciorek, P.S.: I Luv U, CBS, 1991
  • Jake Cardigan, TekWar, USA Network, 1995
  • Dr. Dan Hathaway, a recurring role, Melrose Place, Fox, 1996-1997
  • Robert Russo, Pacific Palisades, Fox, 1997
  • Nate Harrison, Family Rules, UPN, 1999
  • Bill Sutton, Big Sound, Global, 2000
  • Movies
  • Rick, Private Sessions, NBC, 1985
  • Major Jack North, Northstar, ABC, 1986
  • Tony Clay, The Lady Forgets, CBS, 1989
  • Ross Sanders, Lies before Kisses, CBS, 1991
  • Harold McCain, Columbo: A Bird in the Hand (also known as Columbo and Point after Death), ABC, 1992
  • Jake Cardigan, TekJustice (also known as TekWar: TekJustice), syndicated, 1994
  • Charlie Lloyd, One of Her Own, ABC, 1994
  • Jake Cardigan, TekLab (also known as TekWar: TekLab), syndicated, 1994
  • Jake Cardigan, TekLords (also known as TekWar: TekLords), syndicated, 1994
  • Eddie Pick, Deadly Family Secrets (also known as Deadly Secrets and Dirty Family Secrets), NBC, 1995
  • Will South, House of the Damned (also known as Escape to Nowhere and Spectre), Showtime, 1996
  • Rick Barrish, Crimes of Passion: Nobody Lives Forever (also knownas Crimes of Passion: Edna Buchanan's Nobody Lives Forever, Edna Buchanan's Nobody Lives Forever, and Nobody Lives Forever), ABC, 1998
  • Detective John Rykker, Earthquake in New York, Fox, 1998
  • Peter, Mel, HBO, 1999
  • Adam King, Survivor, UPN, 1999
  • Steve Adler, Murder among Friends (also known as Isabella Rocks), PAX, 2001
  • Joe, He Sees You When You're Sleeping (also known as Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark's He Sees You When You're Sleeping), PAX, 2002
  • Edward Morgan, Straight from the Heart, Hallmark Channel, 2002
  • Episodic
  • "The Bionic Boy," The Six Million Dollar Man, ABC, 1976
  • "Lies We Live With," Operation: Runaway, NBC, 1978
  • "Julie and the Rock Star," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1978
  • Willie Guest, "Runaway," Dallas, CBS, 1978
  • Doug, "Jealousy: Parts 1 & 2," One Day at a Time, CBS, 1978
  • Blue Simpson, "Target for a Wedding," Barnaby Jones, CBS, 1979
  • "Lobo's Revenge," Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, NBC, 1979
  • Pink Lady, 1980
  • Trey Champion, "Debt of Honor," The Yellow Rose, NBC, 1983
  • Will, "Relationships," Fame, NBC, 1983
  • Brad Kaneally, "Death Stalks the Big Top: Parts 1 & 2," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1986
  • Tony Patterson, "Hornet's Nest," Hotel, ABC, 1986
  • Eric Gordon, "The Billionaire," Matlock, NBC, 1987
  • John Sinclair, "The Rat Pack," Matlock, NBC, 1987
  • "In the Name of Love," The Hitchhiker, HBO, 1987
  • "Mike Gets Married," The New Mike Hammer (also known as MickeySpillane's Mike Hammer), CBS, 1987
  • David Whitmore, "In the Driver's Seat," Alfred Hitchcock Presents,1989
  • Hamilton Payne III, "Who Killed the King of the Country Club?," Burke's Law, NBC, 1995
  • Bill Salisbury, "Unidentified Female," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1995
  • Ron Kramer, "Faith, Hope, and the Bottom Line," 7th Heaven, The WB, 1997
  • Justin Bilson, "Veronica's Night at the Theatre," Veronica's Closet, NBC, 1999
  • Justin Bilson, "Veronica's Little Ruse," Veronica's Closet, NBC, 1999
  • Justin Bilson, "Veronica Says Goodbye," Veronica's Closet, NBC, 1999
  • Dudley "Bo" Beaumont, Jr., "Then Sings My Soul," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1999
  • Billy, "," Oh Baby, Lifetime, 2000
  • Billy, "Business and Romance," Oh Baby, Lifetime, 2000
  • Bill, "The Man on the Moon," Reba, The WB, 2001
  • James Dreeden, "In the Blood," The Outer Limits, 2001
  • Appeared as Mitch Adams in an episode of Jack's Place; also appeared in JAG.
  • Specials
  • NBC team member, Battle of the Network Stars VI, ABC, 1979
  • NBC team member, Battle of the Network Stars VII, ABC, 1979
  • Debby Boone: The Same Old Brand New Me, NBC, 1980
  • Men Who Rate a "10," NBC, 1980
  • The Osmond Family Christmas Special, NBC, 1980
  • NBC team member, Battle of the Network Stars IX, ABC, 1980
  • Circus of the Stars #6, CBS, 1981
  • NBC team captain, Battle of the Network Stars XIX, ABC, 1988
  • Night of 100 Stars III, NBC, 1990
  • Host, The World's Greatest Stunts, Part II, Fox, 1990
  • Brian Palmer, Sex, Shock, and Censorship in the 90's (also known as Basic Values: Sex, Shock, and Censorship in the 90's), Showtime, 1993
  • The 67th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, UPN, 1998
  • Pilots
  • Cliff, Hereafter, NBC, 1975
  • Billy Joe "B. J." McKay, B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1978
  • Danny Doyle, Masquerade, 1983
  • Craig Stone, Scene of the Crime, NBC, 1984
  • True Confessions, syndicated, 1986
  • Cody Powell, P.S.: I Luv U, 1991
  • Thorn, Just Deserts, ABC, 1992
  • Jake Cardigan, TekWar (also known as TekWar: The Movie andTekWar: The Original Movie), syndicated, 1994
  • Wolf Pack, CBS, 1996
  • Television Work
  • Series
  • Title song performer, B. J. and the Bear, NBC, between 1979 and 1981
  • Theme song performer, "You Can Count on Me," My Two Dads, NBC, between 1987 and 1990
  • Theme song performer, P.S.: I Luv U, 1991
  • Film Appearances
  • Alan, Scorchy, American International Pictures, 1976
  • Detective Sergeant Heineman, Stripped to Kill (also known as Strip Me Deadly), Concorde, 1987
  • Bruce, Echoes in Crimson (also known as Shades of Love: Echoesin Crimson), Astral/Lorimar Home Video, 1988
  • Brad Carlton, Private Road: No Trespassing, 1988
  • McBride, DeepStar Six, TriStar, 1989
  • Ray, The Pawn, World International Network/York Entertainment, 1998
  • Pets, SBP, 1999
  • Jesse, Spirit, Crescent City Pictures/Green/Epstein/Bacing, 2001
  • Matt, Sweet Revenge (also known as Die! Die! Die!), IFM Film Associates, 2001
  • Rick Butler, Arizona Summer, 2003
  • Stage Appearances
  • Annas and title role, Jesus Christ Superstar, Mark Hellinger Theatre, New York City, 1972
  • Danny Zuko, Grease, Eden Theatre, New York City, 1973
  • Night of 100 Stars III, Radio City Music Hall, New York City, 1990
  • Major Tours
  • Jesus Christ Superstar, U.S. cities, 1971-1972
  • Albums
  • Recorded (with Paul Shaffer) Greg & Paul, Casablanca, 1970s; other albums include Slow Down; contributor to the album The Kids from Fame Sing for You.
  • Videos
  • Affiliated with the Muppets music video "She Drives Me Crazy."
  • Film Music
  • Private Road: No Trespassing, 1988
  • Television Music
  • Series
  • A Year at the Top, CBS, 1977
  • Title song, B. J. and the Bear, NBC, 1979
  • "Lucky Enough for Two," in the episode "Relationships," Fame, NBC,1983
  • Theme song, "You Can Count on Me," My Two Dads, NBC, 1987

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    • Greg Evigan Fan Club,, February 28, 2003

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    Greg Evigan,

    We just watched your son's wedding on YouTube. When I saw his name, and face, I knew he was your son. I have admired you as one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. Your a classy guy.

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