Jacques Becker - Director

Jean-Jacques Beineix - Director

Marco Bellocchio - Director

Nationality: Italian. Born: Piacenza, 9 November 1939.

Maria Luisa Bemberg - Director

Nationality: Argentinian. Born: Buenos Aires, 1925.

Shyam Benegal - Director

Robert Benton - Director

What's up Doc?

Bruce Beresford - Director

"An Aussie in Hollywood," an interview with G. Crowdus and U.

Ingmar Bergman - Director

Nationality: Swedish. Born: Ernst Ingmar Bergman in Uppsala, Sweden, 14 July 1918.

Busby Berkeley - Director

Claude Berri - Director

Bernardo Bertolucci - Director

Nationality: Italian. Born: Parma, Italy, 16 March 1940.

Luc Besson - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Paris, 18 March 1959.

Kathryn Bigelow - Director

Fernando Birri - Director

Nationality: Argentinian. Born: In Santa Fe, 13 March 1925.

Bertrand Blier - Director

August Blom - Director

Nationality: Danish. Born: 26 December 1869.

Budd Boetticher - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Oscar Boetticher Jr., in Chicago, 29 July 1916.

Peter Bogdanovich - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Kingston, New York, 30 July 1939.

John Boorman - Director

Nationality: British. Born: Shepperton, Middlesex, 18 January 1933.

Lizzie Borden - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Detroit, 3 February 1958.

Frank Borzage - Director

Roy Boulting and John - Director

Nationality: British. Born: Twins, in Bray, Berkshire, 21 November 1913.

Stan Brakhage - Director

Kenneth Branagh - Director

Nationality: British. Born: Belfast, Northern Ireland, 10 December 1960; family moved to Reading, England, 1969.

Catherine Breillat - Director

Robert Bresson - Director

Albert Brooks - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Albert Einstein, 22 July 1947, Beverly Hills, California; son of Harry (a radio comedian; professional name, Parkyakarkus) and Thelma (a singer; maiden name, Leeds) Einstein; brother of Bob Einstein (a comedy writer under his own name and a comedy performer under the name Super Dave Osborne).

Mel Brooks - Director

Tod Browning - Director

Luis Buñuel - Director

Nationality: Spanish. Born: Calanda, province of Teruel, Spain, 22 February 1900.