Charles Burnett - Director

The Wedding (mini for TV); Dr.

Tim Burton - Director

Michael Cacoyannis - Director

Interview with Pierre Billard, in Cinéma (Paris), February 1957.

James Cameron - Director

Jane Campion - Director

Nationality: New Zealander. Born: Wellington, 30 April 1954.

Frank Capra - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Bisaquino, Sicily, 18 May 1897; emigrated with family to Los Angeles, 1903.

LĂ©os Carax - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Alexandre Oscar Dupont in Suresnes, France, 22 November 1960.

Marcel Carné - Director

John Carpenter - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Carthage, New York, 16 January 1948.

John Cassavetes - Director

Saddle the Wind (Parrish) (role); Virgin Island (P.

Renato Castellani - Director

Alberto Cavalcanti - Director

Nationality: Brazilian. Born: Alberto de Almeida Cavalcanti in Rio de Janeiro, 6 February 1897.

Claude Chabrol - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Paris, 24 June 1930.

Youssef Chahine - Director

(Sir) Charles (Charlie) Chaplin - Director

Chen Kaige - Director

Benjamin Christensen - Director

Nationality: Danish. Born: Viborg, Denmark, 28 September 1879.

Věra Chytilová - Director

Michael Cimino - Director

Nationality: American. Born: New York, 1940.

Souleymane Cissé - Director

Nationality: Malian. Born: Bamako, 21 April 1940; lived in Dakar during his adolescence until the Senegalese-Mali Federation broke up in 1960, at which point he moved back to Mali.

René Clair - Director

Nationality: French. Born: René Chomette in Paris, 11 November 1898.

Shirley Clarke - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Shirley Brimberg in New York City, 1925.

Jack Clayton - Director

Nationality: British. Born: Brighton, Sussex, 1 March 1921.

René Clément - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Bordeaux, 18 March 1913.

Henri-Georges Clouzot - Director

Jean Cocteau - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Maisons-Lafitte, near Paris, 5 July 1889.

Joel Coen - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Minneapolis, 1955.

Martha Coolidge - Director

Nationality: American. Born: New Haven, Connecticut, 17 August 1946.

Francis Ford Coppola - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Detroit, Michigan, 7 April 1939.

Roger Corman - Director