Dziga Vertov - Director

Nationality: Russian. Born: Denis Arkadievitch Kaufman in Byalistok, Poland (then annexed to Russia), 2 January 1896.

King Vidor - Director

Nationality: American. Born: King Wallis Vidor in Galveston, Texas, 8 February 1894.

Jean Vigo - Director

Nationality: French. Born: Paris, 26 April 1905, son of anarchist Miguel Alemreyda (Eugène Bonaventure de Vigo).

Luchino Visconti - Director

Nationality: Italian. Born: Count Don Luchino Visconti di Modrone in Milan, 2 November 1906.

Josef von Sternberg - Director

Nationality: Austrian. Born: Jonas Sternberg in Vienna, 19 May 1894.

Erich von Stroheim - Director

Nationality: Austrian. Born: Erich Oswald Stroheim in Vienna, 22 September 1885; became U.S.

Lars von Trier - Director

Nationality: Danish. Born: Lars Trier, Lyngby, 30 April 1956.

Margarethe von Trotta - Director

Andrzej Wajda - Director

Raoul Walsh - Director

Vincent Ward - Director

"Ward's Way," interview with Larry Buttrose in Interview (New York), March 1989.

Andy Warhol - Director

John Waters - Director

Lois Weber - Director

Peter Weir - Director

Nationality: Australian. Born: Peter Lindsay Weir in Sydney, 8 August 1944.

Jiři Weiss - Director

Orson Welles - Director

William Wellman - Director

A Short Time for Insanity: An Autobiography, New York, 1974.

Wim Wenders - Director

Nationality: German. Born: Wilhelm Wenders in Düsseldorf, 14 August 1945.

Lina Wertmuller - Director

James Whale - Director

Clarens, Carlos, An Illustrated History of the Horror Film, New York, 1968.

Robert Wiene - Director

Nationality: German. Born: Dresden, 1881.

Billy Wilder - Director

Nationality: Born Samuel Wilder in Sucha, Austria (now part of Poland), 22 June 1906; became U.S. citizen, 1934.

Robert Wise - Director

The Film Director: A Practical Guide to Motion Picture and Television Techniques, with Richard L. Bare, IDG Worldwide Books, 1973.

Frederick Wiseman - Director

John Woo - Director

Edward D. Wood Jr. - Director

William Wyler - Director

"William Wyler: Director with a Passion and a Craft," with Hermine Isaacs, in Theater Arts (New York), February 1947.

Xie Jin - Director

Edward Yang - Director