Eugène Lourié - Writer

P. A. Lundgren - Writer

Len Lye - Writer

Charles MacArthur - Writer

Writer, Producer, and Director. Nationality: American.

Kenneth MacGowan - Writer

Producer. Nationality: American.

Jeanie Macpherson - Writer

"Development of Photodramatic Writing," in Moving Picture World, 21 July 1917.

Ben Maddow - Writer

Writer and director and producer. Pseudonyms: Used pseudonyms David Wolff and David Forrest in early documentary films.

Charles Magnusson - Writer

Faderulla, ur Göteborgssystemet I . . .

Daniel Mainwaring - Writer

Writer. Pseudonyms: early 1930s and late 1940s—novelist (under pseudonym Geoffrey Homes); early 1940s through 1960s—screenwriter (under given name and Geoffrey Homes pseudonym).

David Mamet - Writer

Writer and director and actor. Nationality: American.

Henry Mancini - Writer

Composer and music director. Nationality: American.

Johnny Mandel - Writer

Composer. Nationality: American.

Daniel Mandell - Writer

Man, Woman, and Wife (E.

Herman Mankiewicz - Writer

Writer and Producer. Nationality: American.

Frances Marion - Writer

Writer, director, and actress and editor. Nationality: American.

Frank Marshall - Writer

Producer and Director. Nationality: American.

Rudolph Maté - Writer

Muir Mathieson - Writer

Music Director and actor. Nationality: British.

June Mathis - Writer

Christian Matras - Writer

Carl Mayer - Writer

Das Kabinett des Dr. Caligari (The Cabinet of Dr.

Louis B. Mayer - Writer

Producer. Nationality: American.

Donald McAlpine - Writer

Winsor McCay - Writer

Ted McCord - Writer

Cinematographer. Nationality: American.

Robert McKimson - Writer

Animator. Nationality: American.

Norman McLaren - Writer

Animator. Nationality: Scottish.

Lazare Meerson - Writer

Chris Menges - Writer

Alan Menken - Writer

Composer. Nationality: American.