Howard Hawks - Director

Todd Haynes - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Los Angeles, California, 2 January 1961.

Iosif Heifitz - Director

Nationality: Russian. Born: Iosif Yefimovitch Heifitz (sometimes transliterated as Josef Kheifits) in Minsk, Russia, 17 December 1905.

Astrid Henning-Jensen and Bjarne - Director

Hesten paa Kongens Nytorv (Bjarne only); Brunkul (Bjarne only); Arbejdet kalder (Bjarne only); Chr.

Cecil Hepworth - Director

Werner Herzog - Director

Nationality: German. Born: Werner Stipetic in Sachrang, 5 September 1942.

Walter Hill - Director

Alfred Hitchcock - Director

Nationality: British. Born: Alfred Joseph Hitchcock in Leytonstone, London, 13 August 1899, became U.S.

Holger-Madsen - Director

Nationality: Danish. Born: Holger Madsen, 11 April 1878, began spelling name with hyphen, 1911.

Agnieszka Holland - Director

Tobe Hooper - Director

Hou Hsiao-Hsien - Director

Ron Howard - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Duncan, Oklahoma, 1 March 1954; son of Rance (an actor, writer, and director) and Jean (an actress; maiden name, Speegle) Howard.

Danièle Huillet - Director

John Huston - Director

Nationality: Irish/American. Born: John Marcellus Huston, son of actor Walter, in Nevada, Missouri, 5 August 1906, became Irish citizen, 1964.

Kon Ichikawa - Director

Tadashi Imai - Director

Shohei Imamura - Director

Nationality: Japanese. Born: Tokyo, 1926.

Rex Ingram - Director

Nationality: Irish/American. Born: Reginald Ingram Montgomery Hitchcock in Dublin, 15 January 1893.

Otar Ioseliani - Director

Juzo Itami - Director

Joris Ivens - Director

Nationality: Dutch. Born: Georg Henri Anton Ivens in Nijmegen, Holland, 18 November 1898.

James Ivory - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Berkeley, California, 7 June 1928.

Peter Jackson - Director

Miklós Jancsó - Director

Derek Jarman - Director

Jim Jarmusch - Director

Nationality: American. Born: Akron, Ohio, 22 January 1953.

Humphrey Jennings - Director

Norman Jewison - Director

Jaromil Jireš - Director

Nationality: Czech. Born: Bratislava, 10 December 1935.